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  • Products

    Standard mixes, including:

    • 3000 psi - Mostly used for footings and residential applications
    • 3500 psi - Most commonly used for flatwork, footings and foundations
    • 4000 psi - Most commonly used for slabs on grade, walls and commercial parking lots
    • 4500 psi - Recommended for suspended garage floors and other elevated structures
    • 5000 psi - Most commonly used for projects where high strength is critical

  • Concrete Additives

    Concrete additives can improve the overall workability of a concrete mix by enhancing certain properties allowing you to achieve a variety of results.

    Some of the additives we use include:

    • Air entrainment - Helps prevent freeze/thaw cracking
    • Fly ash - Commonly added to the cement portion of the mix
    • Water reducer - Gives concrete more workability without weakening the mix
    • Superplasticizers - Allows high slump concrete without added water
    • Retarder - Slows the curing process for long-distance delivery or to give the contractor more time to work the concrete
    • Accelerators - Increases the rate of early strength development and/or shortens setting time
    • Fiber - Protects against plastic shrinkage and cracking.
    • Structural Fiber - Reinforces concrete and potentially reduces the cost of wire mesh
    • Corrosion Inhibitors - Reduces the corrosion of steel reinforcement
    • Water Proofing - Allows for water proofing of concrete slabs
    • Hot & Chilled water - Allows placement of concrete during extreme temperatures
  • High Early Mixes

    When design strength needs to be achieved in less than 28 days, our MoDOT-approved High Early mixes will achieve design strength in 7 or as few as 3 days. Our High Early mixes get strength fast to help you complete the job faster.
  • Specialty Mixes

    We offer specialty mixes such as lightweight concrete, colored concrete, exposed aggregate and many others.
  • Concrete Specialties

    We offer many concrete products including curing compounds, sealers, loop ties, chairs, anchor bolts, rebar (pre-cut lengths or by the ton) and expansion joints. One call and we will deliver to your jobsite.
  • Blocks

    Columbia Ready Mix recycles concrete into decorative and structural blocks of various sizes and patterns.

    See Patterns and Prices
  • Decorative Rock

    Columbia Ready Mix can even handle your small landscaping needs offering decorative rock of various types and sizes.

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