Ready Mix Concrete for Mid-MO

Finding the right product is paramount to your overall satisfaction.

  • Products

    Standard mixes, including:

    • 3000 psi - Mostly used for footings and residential applications
    • 3500 psi - Most commonly used for flatwork, footings and foundations
    • 4000 psi - Most commonly used for slabs on grade, walls and commercial parking lots
    • 4500 psi - Recommended for suspended garage floors and other elevated structures
    • 5000 psi - Most commonly used for projects where high strength is critical

  • Concrete Additives

    Concrete additives can improve the overall workability of a concrete mix by enhancing certain properties allowing you to achieve a variety of results.

    Some of the additives we use include:

    • Air entrainment - Helps prevent freeze/thaw cracking
    • Fly ash - Commonly added to the cement portion of the mix
    • Water reducer - Gives concrete more workability without weakening the mix
    • Superplasticizers - Allows high slump concrete without added water
    • Retarder - Slows the curing process for long-distance delivery or to give the contractor more time to work the concrete
    • Accelerators - Increases the rate of early strength development and/or shortens setting time
    • Fiber - Protects against plastic shrinkage and cracking.
    • Structural Fiber - Reinforces concrete and potentially reduces the cost of wire mesh
    • Corrosion Inhibitors - Reduces the corrosion of steel reinforcement
    • Water Proofing - Allows for water proofing of concrete slabs
    • Hot & Chilled water - Allows placement of concrete during extreme temperatures
  • High Early Mixes

    When design strength needs to be achieved in less than 28 days, our MoDOT-approved High Early mixes will achieve design strength in 7 or as few as 3 days. Our High Early mixes get strength fast to help you complete the job faster.
  • Specialty Mixes

    We offer specialty mixes such as lightweight concrete, colored concrete, exposed aggregate and many others.
  • Concrete Specialties

    We offer many concrete products including curing compounds, sealers, loop ties, chairs, anchor bolts, rebar (pre-cut lengths or by the ton) and expansion joints. One call and we will deliver to your jobsite.
  • Blocks

    Columbia Ready Mix recycles concrete into decorative and structural blocks of various sizes and patterns.

    See Patterns and Prices
  • Decorative Rock

    Columbia Ready Mix can even handle your small landscaping needs offering decorative rock of various types and sizes.

Ordering and Quoting

To place your order, call our Dispatch team at 573-445-3901.

Whether you need a standard mix or a custom mix, our team has the expertise and experience to make your job a success. From start to finish, we will supply your project with the quality and service you deserve. We’ve worked with contractors of all sizes and capabilities, and can recommend the right one for your project.

When it comes to large commercial or DOT projects, our team is eager to help. We can help identify and meet specifications or deadlines for jobs of any size.

If you are bidding a large project, please contact the sales representative in your area.

For general questions, contact us at or fill out the contact form.

ON-TIME DELIVERY: When you place your concrete order, be sure to have precise delivery directions ready. Con-Agg highly recommends placing your order at least 24 hours in advance to ensure on-time delivery.

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